UAB Varimonta was found in 1978. Until April 1991 it was called Baltic Section No. 8 of The First Moscow Assembling Management Dvigatelmontazh; starting from 1991 and until 1994 – Mazeikiai State Enterprise for installation of motors; from 1994 – UAB Varimonta.

At present at objects of special importance the enterprise is performing repair and assembling works of process equipment, steam and hot water pipelines; vessels for crude oil and oil products of capacity 50,000 m3 (inclusive), pressure vessels at temperatures from minus 40 °C and up to 600 °C as well as pressure up to 10 MPa, steam boilers; heat recovery boilers and autonomic steam superheaters and economizers, which operating pressure is over 0.07 MPa, boilers economizers for heating of water, water temperature there is over 115 °C, capacity up to 100 Gcal/h.

At the moment the company performs works of the following fields:

  • special construction works, mechanics works; 
  • installation, exploitation and production of heating (steam and water heating boilers, pressure vessel, pressure steam and hot water pipelines, industrial equipment using combustible gas and its gear);
  • petroleum, petroleum products (pressure pipelines for hazardous materials, fixed tanks and it gear); 
  • liquefied petroleum gas (hazardous tanks fixed tanks, pressure vessels an pipelines and its equipment).

After 20 years of being in the market we have gained great experience in performing special construction works – installing and repairing of steel structures, technological pipelines, tanks and equipment. Our modern equipment for installation works and quality control and high qualification of our employees allows us to perform the most difficult works of this kind, that is why the Customers appreciate our exceptional view on their requirements. We work in Lithuania and neighbour states.
The qualification of the company is proved by the licenses and certificates allowing us to perform those works, issued by Lithuanian institutions. Since 2012 the quality of the service provided by the company is proved by the metal flux welding Quality Management System according to the standard LST EN ISO 3834-2:2005; Environmental Quality Management System according to the standards LST EN ISO 9001:2008 and LST EN ISO 14 001:2004.
The most valuable wealth of the company is highly qualified employees. We appreciate every employee’s professionalism and wish to improve. The main factors determining the company’s success is team work, respect for each other, close co-operation of managers and workers, a good psychological climate.