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Mechanical repair steam tracing works during Refinery units shutdown in April-May 2017. Package of scope M4 LK-1AB „ORLEN Lietuva” Refinery
Dismantling (erection of new) internal existing equipment of reactors of R-202, R-203, R-204 in unit LK-1Dawcul Limited / AB „ORLEN Lietuva”
Mechanical Erection for Visbreaker Vacuum Flasher Heater Replacement Project for ORLEN Lietuva (mounting of technological pipeline and steam tracing works )Vergaengineering SPA / AB „ORLEN Lietuva”
Disassembly and assembly of valves and safety valves on the FCC II InstallationAB „ORLEN Lietuva”
Works in mechanical sector – atmospheric part – heat exchangers, tank; repair of installations including: 17-exchangers; 18-heaters; 2-coolers; 9-tanks; 2-dehydrator; Electrohydrators, piping.AB „Achema” / UAB „Iremas”
Repair group of scopes A1: Reactors R-101, R-102; tank V-102; valve PiAAB „ORLEN Lietuva”
Performing mechanical and assembly works related to the construction of pipelines with a tonnage of around 80 tons.GL Steel
Prefabrication of Air Distibutor of Regenerator R-202AB „ORLEN Lietuva”/ SPEC REM -S.A.
Mounting of pipelines according OLP00253 project PRIME-GAB „ORLEN Lietuva”
Planned rapair in mechanical branch – heat exchangers, columns, tanks.LOTUS GeoNAFTA
Works in the mechanical and automatic sector – planned repairs of the installation, including: 2 columns, 3 tanks, 6 heat exchangers including air coolers.AB „ORLEN Lietuva”
Welding & assembly works for the modernization of the compressor pipingUAB „Fortum Heat Lietuva”
Repair and modernization works in the machanical sector during scheduled turnaround – Reactor Block.AB „Achema” / UAB „Iremas”
Various mechanical works during Shutdown of  Fortum KlaipedaUAB „Fortum Heat Lietuva”
Works in the mechanical sector – atmospheric part – heat exchangers, tank; repair of installation among others: 3-depulsors; filters; 8- separators; 4-tanks; 6-coolers; 2- absorbers;driers .Orion Global Pet/INDORAMA
Planned repair: columns, exchangers, coolers, tanks, filters.AB „Achema” / UAB „Iremas”
Mechanical works for project „LK1 S-400 Revamp Project Propane-Propylene Splitter Facility (PPF)”AB „ORLEN Lietuva”/ SPEC REM -S.A.
Mechanical repairs work during Refinery Shutdown according to work package M16-KT-1.AB „ORLEN Lietuva”
2013-03-15 – 2019-03-15 Long-term contract.  GP-2 GP-3 Cleaning and maintenance works  of heat exchangers TK-605/; TK606/1.2.3;  TK-1/1-3AB „ORLEN Lietuva” Refinery
Various mechanical works according ORLEN Lietuva project GP-2, KT-1/1, ESP Filter General Electric  International Branch Lithuania / AB „ORLEN Lietuva”
Ammonia workshop no.1  Mechanical repair of equipment including columns -3, reactors – 2, filters;   safety valves, heat echangers, pipelines. AB „Achema” / UAB „Iremas”
Various mechanical works  during Shutdown of Chemical Plant Orion Global PetOrion Global Pet/INDORAMA
Installation of Pipe Knots and Metal Constructions in ENI Refinery, Sannazzaro ItalyIREM SPA, ITALY / ENI Refinery